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1.Cut the PVC extrusion to be 130mm shorter than the actual step length.

2.Marking on the step surface, the PVC extrusion is 65mm to the step edge.

3.Drill Φ4 holes every 250mmon the steps, put Φ6 expand tube; using M4×40 screws.

4.Ref. left, put carpet / pvc edge BOTTOM 60mm to the step side edge, drillΦ4 holes every 150mm in the BOTTOM, put Φ6 expand tube; using M4×40 screws.

5.Insert End cap to the PVC extrusion, using M4×40 screws, put black stickers, then row number plate and finally put the cover.

6.Vertical steps, BOTTOM is 50mm to the top edge.

7.Wire connection, Parallel connection; test the wire connection with power on.

8.Put on the Carpet/Step Edge Cover finally.